Mayan Awakening

Mark Longnecker’s Mayan Awakening will be posting more information as we get closer to the event. Currently, we have the below yogi’s already booked, with more on the way.

The Mayan Awakening is an add on package to the Mayan Mayhem Tattoo and Music Festival for people looking for a little bit more. If you want to be awakened, cleansed and re-charged this is the plan for you. A 10AM yoga class will be offered everyday by amazing teachers at the Mayan Mayhem Tattoo and Music Festival, these classes are open to everyone. The Mayan Awakening will take the experience further on an excursion to Chikin Ha Park.

65 million years ago the impact of an asteroid in the Yucatan peninsula created the Chicxulub crater. This is the same asteroid credited for the extinction of the dinosaurs. A fracture zone was created around perimeter of the crater. Networks of underground rivers and crystalline fresh water pools called cenotes (sinkholes) were created over time from the filtration of fresh water through porous rock.

These cenotes are considered sacred my Mayan culture and represent a gateway the spiritual underworld and home to Chaac (god of Rain). A shaman (spiritual healer) will do a cleansing ceremony on the Mayan Awakening crew stimulating the senses with the smell of copal and the taste of Ba’alche witch is the nectar extracted from the bark of a ba’alche tree. The balché was mainly used in ceremonies such as the Ta’ak Bil-Ha (Hidden Water) a Mayan purification ceremony.

In some literary texts the balché is considered to have entheogenic properties, that is, it is a vegetable drink with properties that provoke a state of modification of consciousness, used in spiritual, religious, ritualistic and shamanic contexts. Finishing the cleanse with a dip in the relaxing crystalline waters of the cenotes. We will be joining the shamon as he leads a re-charging, cleanse in the Temazcal, a traditional Mexican sweat lodge.

It's an ancient Mayan ritual designed to remove toxins from the body. Indigenous people previously used these steam baths to cure illnesses or purify their bodies after battles. It takes place inside a small domed structure that represents the womb. In other words, you should feel like a spiritual and mental rebirth has occurred by the end of the process. Hence… the Mayan Awakening.

All attendees will get a custom cork yoga mat and water bottle with Mark Longenecker’s artwork. Sign up now to join everyone who is ready to get woke!