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Payment Plans – FAQs

Yes! Please call (623) 565-9754 to use multiple credit cards.
Guests using payment plan option will have equal payments processed based on when they purchased their package(s). The first at Checkout on the date of sale. The remaining payments will be charged every 30 days through December 1, 2019.
The first payment is processed at Checkout. For patrons using payment plan option, the remaining payments are charged every 30 days through December 1, 2019. It will be each guest’s responsibility to make sure they don’t have an interruption in their automatic billing to avoid any fees or cancellations of their purchase.
From now until November 1, 2019 you are able to make any upgrades to your package (based on availability). However, upgrades will need to be paid in full as a separate transaction by calling the Box Office (623) 565-9754.
Yes! You have the ability to split the costs with another guest(s). However, in order to do so you must call the box office to make your reservation. We are not able to split payments with the online booking system. You can divide the amount each party pays as you’d like although it will be up to all paying parties to make any monthly payments. Each additional payment plan is subject to a $175 fee.
The issuing bank should be contacted by the guest and/or card holder. We are unable to indefinitely “hold” an order for payment processing. If one of the payment plan Installments is unable to be processed, we will make a reasonable effort to contact you and give you time to resolve the issue. If unresolved after 30 days, your order will be subject to cancellation without refund.
Since payments are automatic there’s no need to worry about having to remember to make a payment every month. However if you default (i.e. there isn’t enough money in the account or there is some kind of hold from your bank etc.) we will work with you and give you time to resolve the issue. Similar to other credit plans, after five days there will be late fees of $50 per occurrence. If after 30 days, you’re unable to make your payments current, we will reserve the right to cancel your reservation without a refund.
Payments are deducted every 30 days from the date of your purchase with final payments collected no later than December 1, 2019.
It’s convenient. Payments are automatic and evenly divided. No chance of forgetting to pay and being assessed a late fee.
When you choose to do the payment plan, you will pay a minimum initial deposit. Currently the deposit is $400.
There is an initial deposit to secure your reservation. The remaining payments will be divided up equally over the remaining months prior to the event, with the final payment due by November 1, 2019. Payments are due on pre-assigned dates each month. Additional terms and conditions will apply when you agree to enter into the payment plan.

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